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Business and Marketing Plans

TPC helps you find the idea that will lead you to success.

Never mistake motion for action.Earnest Hemingway

No One Can Hit a Target Unless They First Have a Target.

A proven business model, proper planning which includes a well-researched and detailed business plan, enthusiastic implementation and adequate financing is what helps to make a successful business!

We start by first listening to your needs, goals, passions and motivations. From that base of information, we can formulate a method of financing to provide the resources necessary to achieve your goals. We call this Packaging.

We package our clients business so that financial sources can easily and accurately understand the business and its opportunities, and thus make a finance decision in a timely manner.

You Have Your Goals and Your Targets; We'll Help You Reach Them!

Investors and lenders see a multitude of Business Plans and can instantly tell if you have taken shortcuts and used Business Plan Pro® or a template to prepare you plan. Likewise they can also see if you care enough about your business to craft a persuasive and attractive business plan complete with financial projections, pitch deck, and executive summary. We’re here to help you prepare the best presentation possible for your specific needs.

For over 30 years we have helped over 1,100 clients reach their goals through custom researched and written Business Plans. Many of those Business Plans have been used in the financing process, others are used to ensure a smooth running, consistently growing business. History has shown that less than 10% of new businesses survive past 5 years. At the same time the SBA tells us that less than 5% of business owners have, and consistently use, a Business Plan – we believe there is a correlation. Having a custom, up-to-date Business and Marketing Plan can go a long way to ensuring a company’s success, through both financing and daily operations.