Tall Pines Consulting


TPC can help you stay above water in the financing sea.

The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.Unknown

Are You Ready?

The first thing we have to establish is what level of preparedness your company is at with regard to financing: Business Plan, Marketing Plan, credit worthiness, proper type of business registrations, accounting and bookkeeping is current, Balance Sheets and Profit/Loss Statements are current, adequate financial ratios, pro formas, etc.

Detailed Interview

Listening carefully to you describe your business provides us with an understanding of your needs, goals and motivations. Our level of research is based on decades of experience which then gives us the insight necessary to provide you with results you require.


We then take the background research and custom format it into a Business/Marketing Plan that is written specifically for the type of financing or investment chosen. Every finance model requires different questions to be answered and information to be gathered. Providing just the right amount and detail of information is one of the many things that differentiates TPC from any other consulting company.


Our process allows finance and investment sources to make their decision based on complete information, in a timely manner.

TPC is Actively Involved With the Following Finance Sources:

  • Bank and SBA
  • Private: Angel, Venture Capital (VC)
  • Franchise